The Sacred Healing Arts

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December 2019

     Tanja is an Angel!  So glad I found You, been looking for quite some time for a massage therapist/energy healer.  Tanja is highly intuitive and very compassionate.  I look forward to many MANY more sessions at your relaxing location.  See you soon Tanja!

Alicia H.

August 2019

Love the ambiance of the new place.  And as always Tanja's massage leaves me feeling totally rejuvenated.  Thoroughly enjoyed my time and your company.  Thanks Tanja.

Gary V.

May 2019

  Tanja is such an amazing soul with so many talents!  Highly intuitive to you/your body, compassionate and funny!  Instantly connected, then we found out we share the same birthday.  Super cool!

     I was in need of a massage REALLY bad.  She fit me in her schedule for the next day.  So grateful!  The experience & massage was great!  I will definitely be back.

Nina A.

March 2019

The atmosphere, conversation and overall experience is always welcoming.

Crystal P.

February 2019

I just had my first experience with Tanja & it was fantastic!  She is an amazing & highly intuitive massage therapist and healer.  She used a perfectly balanced combination of treatments.  Thank you Tanja!  I will be back.

Julie H.

February 2019

I had a wonderful massage today.  My first after spinal surgery.  I feel better than I have in a long time.  Thank you Tanja.

Thomas L.

December 2018

The Experience exceeded expectations. I still feel really great!

Crystal P.

November 2018

She always, always, makes me feel so special, Tanja...Strong capable hands, big, open heart! Amazing results.

Tania S

November 2018

She is gifted not only with working with her hands but also an open book and great listener with a sixth sense about her. I now considered her a dear friend, who has helped me this year with my own healing and wellness.

Wendy P.

October 2018

I’ve had many massages over the years but I’ve never experienced one like I had with Tanja. It was more than just a massage, it was a mind, body and soul experience. Tanja knows bodies. Her touch is intuitive and healing. Her massage combined with energy work is medicine for the soul and I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to treat their body and mind to an hour and a half of bliss!

Cindy L.

October 2018

She is just awesome!  Would not think of seeing anyone else.

Lauren S.

October 2018

I appreciate every aspect of what Tanja has to offer as a massage therapist and healer. Her positive energy and exceptional knowledge provide the ideal environment for relaxation and healing. I felt an immediate benefit and response to her approach and am looking forward to my next appointment!

Christy N.

July 2018

Could not be happier!

Katrina P.

July 2018

     Tanja is truly a healer. She has a kind and warm heart. I will be back and highly recommend her. I have only been for one session but I already feel amazing.  

Mary Alice J. 

July 2018

     Tanja is an amazing person and healer. I had the privilege of getting the Sacred Healing Arts signature Massage and it was above and beyond my expectations. I left feeling so much better inside and out, she is truly a healing light in this world. I plan to continue seeing her as do other members of my family. I highly recommend Tanja and her healing touch. 

Cheryl B.

June 2018

     Amazing 1st time experience!!!!  So glad I met Tanja when I did she's helped me out so much and I'm forever thankful!!  Much love sent your way thanks again!!

Tony B.

June 2018
What a lovely experience!!  Thank you Tanja!!

Alix G.

March 2018

      Words can't describe how wonderful Tanja truly is. First off, she is beautiful person who has a warm, caring, and calming nature about her. From the moment I walked in to see her for some bodywork, I knew I was in loving and gifted hands. She is not only intuitive to what is going on with you as a whole (mind and body), she pinpoints quickly and exactly where your body needs work. In just one session, she relaxed my tension and stress away. I felt completely reprogrammed following my appointment with her. She is a healer! I am so happy to have found such a kind, generous and nurturing soul to help me through when I'm all tensed up and not feeling so great! Thank you Tanja! 

Lisanne M.

March 2018

She was incredible.  I look forward to my next session.

Beverly N.

January 2018

I always feel at peace and appreciate Tanja's warm and healing spirit. I feel save and cared for while attempting to let go. 

Dawn B.

December 2017

     From my very first visit, I knew I found a gem! Tanja made me feel 'at home' immediately. She perfectly balanced professionalim and personal caring that Tanja became my regular weekly 'haven'. I am so blessed to have found a therapist who has amazing massage skills, positive, uplifting energy and a true healer!
Ivy C.

August 2017

     The most incredible experience! German Massage Therapist & Reiki Master Tanja Richter LMT is such a sweet and energetic soul. Instant connection and a fabulous massage! Thank you for kick starting my weekend and leaving me feeling energized and balanced!

   Nicole S. 

August 2017

A great combination of spiritual practice, and massage therapy. Tanja is very caring, and skilled in her craft. Highly recommended. 

Jon C.

June 2017

Tanja is an absolute artist at her craft and deeply cares about her clients. You won't walk away from a massage without a relaxing smile on your face! 

Fallon R.

June 2017

     Tanja thanks again for your awesome combination healing for mind,body and spirit! Being my first time experiencing all three areas of healing in one combined session was just amazing! Thanks for the advice and wisdom you shared and the encouragement to stay focused on my journey to achieve my spiritual goals and desires! I look forward to our next meeting and what that holds for my growth on my journey. 

Peter B.

May 2017

     I saw Tanja for a year and a half on a weekly/biweekly basis while I was in flight training. She is the best massage therapist I've ever had! She relieved pain from sitting in a cockpit all day, stress and tension from being in such a demanding program, and pain from old injuries. She is a deeply intuitive and caring person who does everything she can to meet your needs. I can't say enough positive things about her! 

Alissa E.

February 2017

     I was fortunate to have a massage with Tanja at the end of last year and a month later, I'm still raving about it to friends.

She's not only an expert at being able to understand what your muscles need to finally relieve pain and tension you didn't even know you were carrying,but she's also very sensitive to emotional energies.I felt restored, both of mind and body. I cannot recommend her highly enough and will definitely plan to return again!
Nina D. 

January 2017

 Excellent!! Tanja took her time to understand my needs for the session.  She's the best massage therapist I've ever been to hands down!

Jennifer G. 

December 2016

Excellent!  Wonderful!  Magnificent!

Thomas B.

August 2016

Always awesome.  Thank you!

Flexfit LLC

May 2016

     Tanja is the best! I really look forward to coming to see her. She is extremely professional and gives a great massage--especially for athletes or cross-fitters. 

Adrienne H.

March 2016

     She is an amazing woman that gives the best massages hands down in Pensacola. Tanja is a wonderful therapist who takes very good care of her clients. The level of comfort is very important because if you can't relax then your massage isn't going to work. You can relax knowing she's a great therapist.

Lex E.

October 2015

Very caring and intuitive. Excellent massage at a fair price. Massage room is cozy and private. I would highly recommend massage with Tanja.

Deronda M.

September 2015

     Tanja is a wonderful woman and master of her skills. She has a way of making you feel that she is in business just for you, and the thing is, I honestly believe she is. Tanja cares so much for her clients and wants everyone to heal and live life to the fullest. 

Kimberly M.

September 2015

Great experience every time. I buy the package for the year for optimal health and stress relief.

Sarah W.

September 2015

     Tanja is an amazingly intuitive and talented massage therapist. She listens to your needs, goes above and beyond to heal and restore your wellness. She has a powerful light energy that compliments her massage therapy skills. She focuses on your overall wellness of mind, body and spirit! Best massage ever!!!

 Lila H.

September 2015

     A skilled massage therapist and gifted energy worker. I am so lucky to have discovered Tanja! She provides a truly healing experience. Her technique is Swedish with a firm pressure that she easily adjusts for your comfort. To me it feels fantastic for general soreness or overworked muscles and downright therapeutic for longstanding or chronic issues & pain. 
If you are interested in Reiki & energy work, Tanja incorporates these techniques in her massage. I find it very relaxing; for me, it takes the session to a higher level where the bodywork feels deeper & my relaxation response is greater & seems to last longer. Her massage room provides a comfortable, relaxing space. It reflects a definite Eastern or Oriental influence but feels modern & warm. I do highly recommend Tanja! Her touch is healing to body & soul.

Ann P. 

September 2015

     Fraulein Richter is the most experienced and most competent professional massage therapist. Her years of training and her multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellness is quite extraordinary. Every session relieves my tension and serious muscular and skeletal issues like none other. Give her the highest recommendation. Indeed.

Nicholas B. 

  September 2015

     Tanja is great. She really knows what she's doing, and she's managed to help decrease my back and headache issues. She's also very good at making you feel comfortable while she's helping you. It's always great to talk to her.

 Andrea P.

September 2015

My massage and Reiki sessions with Tanja were amazing. Book an appointment with her right away. You will love it!

Carla S. 

September 2015

Best ever! Must go see her!

Maureen K. 

September 2015

Tanja is an absolute goddess of the massage table! I love my sessions with her!

Nora H.

August 2015

     Tanja is not only superb & highly skilled at what she does, she made me feel welcomed and as if I were a long-time friend. I have just found MY new massage therapist in Pensacola! I will recommend her to all of my friends, family & acquaintances with 100% certainty that they will receive an excellent massage & will leave her suite feeling completely relaxed! And, she is available on Saturdays & Sundays.

 Yvonne T.

August 2015 

An amazing healer and massage therapist extraordinaire.

 Cindy C.

May 2015 

Tanja you are truly a blessing and an amazing spirit! Thank you so much!!!!! If anyone needs your body worked out please make an appointment! Totally worth it!

 Monilola M.

January 2015 

     I felt so welcome when I arrived... (You know how nerving it can be trying out a new therapist!). It was awesome and so comforting as she explained everything she found and seriously worked on the areas that needed the most attention....I am a "lifer" with this precious woman.......relieved and thankful I found the right person......sigh....happy am I....

Terri H. 

January 2015

     My sessions today with Tanja was very relaxing. She worked on some areas that were in much need of attention. 

Tanja is very observant of your needs and adjusts the session to meet your needs. 

I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you Tanja.

Tim C. 

October 2014 

Excellent and caring massage therapist  i would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for relief of stress and pain. She did that for me.

Joann A. 

October 2014 

     I must say that Tanja is very attentive to her clients, not only by physically massaging your pain out of your joints, but offering you spiritual guidance as well. You leave feeling refreshed mentally and physically.

Andrea S. 

 June 2014 

Excellent massage! Tanja did a terrific job and I will spread the word-hands down the best massage I ever had. Great conversation as well.

Jason H.

March 2014 

She is amazing. Very intuitive and professional. Go see her soon.

Tracy S. 

August 2013 

     I have really enjoyed the massage sessions from Tanja. She is professional, very thorough and has a great touch to find the places that need special attention. I only get to visit each summer, but I look forward to a great massage each time.

Michaela A.

July 2013

Tanja is very good at what she does and she really cares about her clients. I highly recommend her.

Claire G.

April 2013

Tanja is not only a great massage therapist she is also detail-oriented, highly intuitive and knowledgeable. She helped me notice and recover from a neck injury. She will also go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Go see her soon!

Andrea M. 

April 2013

     Fantastic massage! The room is so peaceful and serene, the perfect getaway to relax. Massage lasted a half hour and all my problem areas had been worked out. Would recommend to everyone!

Amanda W. 

April 2013

     Outstanding massage therapist! This place honestly has it all! Tanja's massage therapy makes a huge difference and I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to loosen their muscles or to recharge their batteries!

Niko R. 

March 2013 

     Having been a massage therapist myself, I've received more therapeutic massages than I can count. Last week I had the singular pleasure of meeting Tanja and receiving a two hour massage from her. I am overwhelmed with gratitude at her intuitive ability to hone in on my areas of tension and she fully released and removed the chronic pain I've been experiencing on the left side of my body. I've already booked my appointment for next week.

Alicia B. 

December 2012

     Tanja is wonderful. She consults with you on the first visit and listens to your needs/requests, then builds a massage around that consult. Her office is very clean, she is a consummate professional, and the environment is very relaxing. I have a bad back and this therapy helps more than chiropractic adjustments. I would definitely recommend Tanja to anyone. My wife goes for massage and reiki therapy. 

Edward M. 

December 2012

     I was hooked, from the first phone call I made to Tanja to see what services she provided. Her healing touch, warm personality and amazing massage techniques have kept me coming back for more. After our last session, I sent an email thanking her for her spiritual touch and to let her know how great I felt. I have been going to massage therapist for many years and she is simply the best. My partner also received her healing touch and could not believe how amazing she felt after just the first visit. I highly recommend Tanja to anyone looking for a caring professional who works with you and promotes traditional and spiritual healing. Thank you Tanja!!!
Karen H.

November 2012 

     I was having extreme neck and lower back pain that started to result in migraines. Unable to obtain relief from chiropractors, physical therapists or injections, I did an internet search for massage therapists and found Tanja. She is am amazing healer and after only 2 sessions, have felt better that I have in years. I can't say enough, she is truly a healer and I feel blessed to have found her. I whole heartedly recommend. Thank you, Tanja, for giving me the ability to feel joy in my life again. I will be referring you to everyone

 Laura M.

September 2012 

     I have Fibromyalgia not to mention a slew of other medical conditions and my semi-regular massages by Tanja are such a huge healing source for me. She always takes the time to talk with me and centers her therapy to my body's needs. She is the best!

Barbie S. 

August  2012

I've had over 100 massages in my life and BY FAR she is the best!!!!!

Liz W.

July 2012

I got a massage from Tanja around Christmastime of 2010 and it rejuvenated me for months! It might be time for me to go back!

Sterling B. 

May 2012

Tanja was amazing! She was the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. We will be using her again, for sure.
Tia B.

May 2012

     What a wonderful and therapeutic experience! A fantastic deep tissue massage by an amazing therapist in a beautiful and relaxing environment. Thank you so much, Tanja, for curing all that ailed me! I'll be back to see you soon and will be sending my friends along as they need you. I highly recommend your services to anyone seeking therapeutic massage in the Pensacola area!

Keelea L.

May 2012

     The very best in town hands down.I have been a regular for 9 months you will not find a more compassionate hard working LMT in Pensacola.I have had neck pain and back pain for a very long time and I can tell you that it is all but gone with regular sessions with Tanja. You will not be disappointed. I like that she will work on you problem areas and always has great advise on how to work on those areas at home to help recovery time.I am so glad I found Tanja,she gives massage therapy a good name.You will also like here office as its neat and clean as are the restrooms.If your looking for massage therapy here in Pensacola you have got to see Tanja Richter LMT simply the best.

Thank you Tanja for helping me feel much better.

Don H.

May 2012

     Best in Pensacola, hands down. She's not only professional, but she goes above and beyond. Best massage I've ever had and I plan on going back time and again. Rates are great, and if you schedule an hour, you're definitely going to get your hour (and likely a bit more). I can't say enough as to just how good Tanja truly is. 

A person who loves their work and has the passion required to make sure it is the most therapeutic massage you'll get.

Jason V.

February 2012

      I can strongly recommend the professional services of Ms. Richter without any hesitation as being without equal in regard to her knowledge, training, experience, superb attitude and refreshing personality.  Rest assured that you will leave her office feeling like a new person and anxiously planning your next visit.  For those who know me -you already know that the best items of lasting quality come from Germany; Tanja Richter LMT is certainly no exception to this timeless fact.  This endorsement is freely made without any prior knowledge, exception, or request of Ms. Richter. Only your pain and/or stress will regret the wise move.

William K. 

December 2011

     Tanja was the best massage therapist I've ever seen. My occupation involves rigorous activity on a daily basis. Off-duty, I train hard and put my body through the ringer. Tanja really worked magic and helped me overcome some potentially career-ending injuries. Thanks to her, I am back to pushing my body to the limits after only a few months. 

Mark D.

November 2011

     Tanja is amazing! She really is a therapist in many senses. Her massages are euphoric. I wasn't sure about Reiki at first, but I always feel a million times better when I leave! Even if you're just curious, I highly recommend the Reiki and massage duo! I promise, you will feel better!
Heather M.

November 2011

I had Tanja for a full season in Pensacola and she was amazing. Very professional and definitely knew her stuff. I recommend her 100%!
Chris R.

November 2011

     At first, I was skeptical about driving from Fort Walton Beach to Pensacola for a massage. My friend was convinced that he received the best massage from Tanja so when I had to accompany him I decided to try for myself. One of the best decisions because Tanja does not take a singular approach like the carbon copies of traditional massage school in the US. Massage did not have to be painful to be effective. She was very much in tune with my body and could isolate the problem without verbal cues. Tanja helped me maintain my physical and mental well being each week permitting me to complete some of the toughest training in the Air Force. No one can compare to Tanja! I miss those weekly sessions.
Rome R.

November 7, 2011

     Fantastic massage by a wonderful lady. My career and my two year old keep my back, neck and feet in a constant state of pain. Since I have been getting a regular massage from Tanja, the pain has almost completely gone away! She is able to locate the problem areas without me even telling her. Love, love, love her!
Kristen M.
November 2011

     I have been a client of Tanja's for over two years now and from experience I can say that she is the most committed and knowledgeable massage therapist I have come across. Due to my athletic profession of playing hockey I have a strong need for massage therapy on a consistent basis and Tanja fulfilled all my needs so that I could perform at my best. 
I would highly recommend Tanja because she can satisfy any needs based on her knowledge and experience.
Erik S.

November 7, 2011

     Tanja is the BEST!!!!! She is highly skilled and can always seem to find the knots and work them out! 
Takes her time on the areas requiring extra attention! BEST in PENSACOLA!!!!
Sheila D.

November 2011

     Most probably one of the best massages I have ever gotten and I get them quite often. I'd love to keep going back but unfortunately I moved states other wise I would come in regularly. Very professional and nice I have recommend Tanja to many of my friends and family.

Nathan M.

November 2011

     Best massage therapist you could ever go to she takes the art to s whole new level definitely a professional in the art and most importantly is driven by her passion for her business definitely someone you should keep for consistent appointments.
Kevin S.

June 2011

One of the best I ever had, highly recommended.

Jim D.

May  2011

     Tanja is an amazing massage therapist. My fiance plays hockey for the Ice Flyers, and Tanja was able to meet both of our very different needs - specific athletic therapy for my fiance, and general health and well-being for myself. She is dedicated to her profession, and with her vast knowledge of the body you know you are in good hands. She is committed to learning more about her profession, so you know you are always being treated with the most up-to-date techniques. As someone who never really had massages before, I was apprehensive at first. Tanja made me feel comfortable, and listened to my concerns. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my massage therapy needs! 
I would highly recommend Tanja to my friends and family.
Jamie & Dan E.

May 2011

     Tanja is an excellent massage therapist who maintains a positive rapport with her clients. Visiting her for a massage was an exceptional experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Not only is she great at what she does, she's passionate about improving the lives of others.
Ewelina D.

March 2011

Tanja is the BEST Massage Therapist in town
Miriam S.

November 2010

     Tanja, thank you for your phenomenal work you do for all my aches and pains! I've played hockey in a lot of different cities and you by FAR are the best massage therapist I've ever had. I will be in every week and strongly recommend anyone/everyone to the same!
Jason H.

November 2010

     Tanja is hands down one of the best Massage therapist around. Being in the Navy I have been to many therapists, none have made me feel as comfortable or at home as Tanja did. She is a great therapist that will do wonders to remove the stress, aches and pains. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for that special therapist. Her office was wonderful and relaxing when you close your eyes you will almost believe you are at home. Give it a try .... trust me you will not regret it. I am looking forward to being back in P-cola so I can visit again.
Brian C.

November 2010

     Wow talk about a professional. She is the best in our area. Take time to make your day better and go see Tanja it well worth it and you will thank yourself and me after you do. Tanja has been my massage therapist for over a year now. I could not get out of bed at one point due to lower back pain, my Pain Management Dr recommend I try Massage and with her help I can live a normal productive life again. Thank you Tanja
William L.

October 2010

     Tanja is a wonderful massage therapist who I find to have great professional skills as well as great "people" skills. I thoroughly enjoy the relaxing "downtime" and her knowledge of the human body helps ease pain, soreness and relieve stress from the joints and muscles. I would recommend her to everyone.
John T.

October 2010

     The best massage I have ever gotten is hands down by Tanja! She is incredible! I always leave there feeling well rested both mentally and physically. I wish I could afford to go to her everyday, because I would. I have received massages all over the us including NYC,Pebble beach, etc... and she still beats them all! If you are tight, sore or just need to relax, you cannot go wrong with Tanja. I would recommend everyone try her at least once. But I must warn you if you go once, I promise it won't be your last!
Jenni B.

October 2010

     Incredible massage!!, One of the best, most professional techniques (modalities) I've encountered. All the pain and tension was gone almost immediately. Tanja's hands can actually "read" my body as to what it needed as the session progressed. I look forward in seeing her again, for more awesome massages!! One of the nicest people you'll ever meet!!

Craig G.

June 2010

     Tanja, I've never had anyone give a quality, professional massage like I receive from you. I'll make special trips to Pensacola for your services. In addition to your wonderful massage service, you are a real sweetheart. I will tell all my friends.