The Sacred Healing Arts

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My name is Tanja Richter, I was born and raised in Germany, then moved to the United States in September 1997. I have a background in General Psychology, am a Reiki Master/Energy Healer and Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Therapist with  Erik Dalton's Freedom from Pain Institute. My Passion and Gift is healing the Body, Mind and Spirit in all its forms. I offer compassionate, unique and intuitive ways to accomplish these needs. May it be to reduce Stress, restore Range of Motion or to alleviate Pain, I emphasize on building relationships and understanding what techniques would best benefit you. I'll customize the treatment based on your specific issues. It's my belief that Massage Therapy, especially in connection with Energy Healing, is a cornerstone in the journey of self-healing. Together we can achieve that goal for you and I am looking forward to become that go to person for all your Massage and Energy Healing needs.